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​​​​​​Our Mission:

Seattle SPACE holistically empowers single parents to meet, maintain and further enhance their familial goals for safety, support, stability and success by providing a continuum of individualized programs tailored to address their needs as they define them. 

Our Vision:

Seattle SPACE envisions every single parent and their family thriving in the areas of home, interpersonal relationships, community, employment, education, emotional well-being, physical health and spirituality.

   Seattle  SPACE  is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2013 by single parent, Chericka Ashmann. Through her work with children and families coupled with her own experience as a single parent, she was able to identify a need for front-end services geared toward the unique needs of the single parent.  With the economic crisis of 2008, Ms. Ashmann, encountered a wide range of single parents who were victims of circumstance beyond their control such as a health crisis, loss of a job, death of a loved one, discovery of special needs for their child, relocation, abuse, addiction or simply a lack of support and Ms. Ashmann herself was no different. Many of these parents began their journey as upper to middle class tax payers unable to access free community service programs due to waitlists and unable to afford counseling services because they didn't meet sliding fee scale criteria or simply could not afford the fee altogether. Many, without previous social system experience, were not aware of public resources available to them which caused them to exhaust personal assets and or become victims of financial lending scams. Soon these parents found themselves in a downward spiral of financial and emotional crisis making it difficult to care for their children.  In some cases, the stress these parents endured led to unintentional neglect or abuse and involvement with the state social service system that seemed to mostly work against the parent becoming successful again. While in the trenches of single parenting herself, working with individuals just like herself, Ms. Ashmann saw a need for services unique to the single parent's plight with several preventative components in place .

     The truth is that single parents suffer whether there is an economic crisis occurring in the world or not. Women are often given more caregiving responsibilities which affects their earning power while men suffer in the areas of bonding and parenting. Seattle SPACE would like to foster change in these areas to make single parenting and co-parenting a more safe and equitable experience. 

     Whether parenting single by choice, following separation/divorce, death of a spouse/partner, deployment, or abandonment, no one can be "prepared" for the challenges of single parenting. Each parent possesses strengths and areas in which they can improve but most need reliable, non-judgmental and steadfast support including basic concrete needs. Seattle SPACE strives to enrich the lives of single parents and their families by offering a variety of programs.  The goal is to understand the family's current level of functioning and to identify and work through barriers the family faces in reaching their full potential. Seattle SPACE welcomes ALL single parents and their families regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, income level, or whether primary custodial parent or not.