1/25/2015-Seattle SPACE is now a PCC Natural Market Scrip Fundraising Participant. Visit http://www.pccnaturalmarkets.com/community/scrip/  to learn how you can support Seattle SPACE with each PCC purchase! 

11/21/2014-Seattle SPACE has been accepted to the Seattle FOUNDATION and will begin the click and pledge process for safe donation transactions.

8/1/2014-Seattle SPACE checks on the 1023 EZ application process and learns that Seattle SPACE has been "very favorably" approved for exemption as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization! 

7/16/2014-Seattle SPACE submits FORM 1023 EZ to the IRS.

6/22/2014-Seattle SPACE holds it's second Monthly Board Meeting. Bylaws have been approved and application is ready for submission to Hawthorne & Associates for review. 

5/17/2014-Seattle SPACE holds it's first Monthly Board Meeting @ Spiro's Pizza & Pasta in West Seattle with ten attendees present!

2/12/2014-Seattle SPACE now accepts MEDICAID!!!

11/23/2013-Seattle SPACE will hold its 1st Annual Orphan's Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner on 11/28/2013 @ Evergreen Aquatic Center in South Seattle. Seattle SPACE is expecting more than 10 single parents with no family to gather with during this holiday. Seattle SPACE will be providing turkey and other side dishes as well as lifeguards so that families can swim. Donations are appreciated and can be sent to Hawthorne & CO. CPA's 15220 6th Ave SW Burien, WA 98166 c/o Seattle SPA

11/1/2013-Seattle SPACE has registered with the Secretary of State and continues to work on Form 1023 for submission to the IRS to become recognized as a 5013(c) Non-profit organization. Seattle SPACE is currently seeking advisory board members to complete bylaws and other documents needed for the application. 

​8/2013-Seattle Single Parent Advocacy, Counseling & Enrichment Facebook Page has been launched!

5/2013-Works begins on Seattle SPACE website.